Mackenzie Delta / by Caroline Van Hemert

We have clawed, pried and cursed our way through the first 90 miles of the McKenzie delta, trying to find some humor in the ridiculousness.  On our first night out we measured all the squiggles of the meandering channel on the map and realized we had over 200 miles of boating to get to the arctic coast, not the 140 we had originally estimated.  The delta is a great place for ducks, swans, loons and terns but has been less hospitable to us.  With a strong north breeze overpowering the weak current it would be faster to travel up river.  We are tired not just from short and restless night, and physical exertion, but deep down tired.  Tired of the bugs, the mud, the brushy cut banks and most of all, the endless headwind that wears on our nerves and our joints.  The coast will be a much needed break from the monotony of flat water pack-rafting and we are exciting to start walking again.  Fortunately as time passes usually so do the miles.  In the meantime we hope for calmer weather. *No new photos but Caroline was able to send their approximate location so we can picture where they are based on some Google Map screen shots.  If you want to explore a map on your own they are approximately 10 miles south of Aklavik, NT, Canada on a western channel of the river.