Alert Bay / by Caroline Van Hemert

April 1st We are camped across from Alert Bay in Queen Charlotte Strait after  three good days of rowing.  The winds and rough seas finally died down enough for us to leave Campbell River on Friday (March 30th).  We passed through Seymour Narrows uneventfully and caught favorable currents in Discovery Passage, making for a 40 mile day.  We managed to log more than 30 miles each of the past two days so we're starting to make up for a bit of lost time waiting on the weather. Johnstone Strait, known for its abundance of orcas, is also terribly scarred with clearcuts and active logging operations are evident in most bays and inlets. The marine life has been much sparser lately and we're missing the racous sea lions and large rafts of sea ducks. Temperatures seem to have dropped a bit lately, averaging highs of low- to mid-40s and lows around freezing.  Not bad as long as its not raining or sleeting, which fortunately it's only done intermittently lately!  Storm- to hurricane-force winds are predicted over most of the coastal areas tomorrow, so we may be waiting out yet another storm, but we'll see what the weather brings.